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verb 1. (intransitive) ( Brit) to make money by singing,dancing, acting, etc, in public places, as in front of theatre queues. Basically we are an online busking site. This means you video capture your busk from any live street or public location and have it be shared with the world 24 hours a day seven days a week. To be clear, the original busk must be from an outside or public gathering. It must follow the nature and spirit of live street entertainment to be accepted. Further we will not accept a busk from your house inside your basement or from a concert you were paid to perform at. Live venues for us would be something like in front of a store, or line up to see a show etc. A buskers festival would be acceptable. Playing at a farmers market, even outside of a concert or a protest are other examples of what would be an acceptable Busk. We would even accept you performing uner a bridge or even a cave. City squares or main shopping streets are good. If you are not sure about your venues acceptability, please send us an email at buskerdues@gmail.com with your question and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Basically outside environments where the public would generally give you money becasue they like what you do. There is no obligation that you will be paid. But if someone likes you, then we hope they will give you a Pledge. Well good luck we want this to work for you. Please note: we do not promote hatred of any kind. So insults, cussing, and hurtful busks will not be accepted, and could lead to your being banned forever.